Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Beautiful Day Discovering Bath and Stonehenge!

Stonehenge is so majestic birds fly out of it
On the same weekend my suitemates abandoned me, I decided to go to the city of Bath and Stonehenge on a trip facilitated by FIE. It was quite a trek to get to Stonehenge, our first stop, but our tour guide made it interesting enough. We were able to walk around Stonehenge at our own pace, and the sight was certainly breathtaking. There really isn’t much to it, as it’s merely a bunch of stones set up in a way that makes it seem symbolic in a way. The audio tour was informative and made me realize the significance of the structures, but I couldn’t help feeling as though I was just staring at rocks a bit too deeply. Regardless, it was nice to be able to say I went to Stonehenge!

A great view of the city of Bath
Bath was the next stop, and I absolutely fell in love. Coupled with the aesthetically-pleasing aspects of the city, the culture and history was rich enough to keep me occupied for days. The architecture was stunning, and supplemented the natural pieces of the city including rivers and plants and trees that spanned throughout the city. After touring around for a short period of time, even stopping at the massive Royal Crescent, we made our way to the Roman Baths Museum. 
The Royal Crescent: too massive to get in one shot!

It was so amazing being able to see how culturally diverse the city is as a result of Roman influence, and I even got to feel the warm Bath water, which was kind of gross but fun nonetheless. We had a great lunch in the city, and shopped around to get souvenirs and what not before hopping on the bus for the long ride home. 
The Roman Baths

I have to say, Bath was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to, as it has the perfect combination of city and countryside. Although Jane Austen is noted in expressing her deep hatred for the city, I can’t say I agree with her because Bath is simply that impressive!
The stunning English countryside (Wales is far in the distance)

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