Saturday, September 8, 2012

Tourist Day!

Will and Kate need to move in ASAP!
So yesterday I caught myself thinking “Oh my God! I haven’t seen Buckingham Palace! I haven’t had fish and chips! I am here and getting nothing out of this experience!” Then I realized, I haven’t even been here for 48 hours, there is more than enough time to do all of those things, more than enough opportunities to experience London to the fullest. At our general orientation, I was reminded that we are taking classes and just so happen to be in London, not the other way around. This is meant to be a place for me to study and expand my knowledge academically, and learn about this city along the way. Of course, I do have high expectations for this semester and I want to see every single tourist attraction, go to every pub, restaurant and bar, meeting all kinds of people from all walks of life. However, I need to listen to my initial motto, to take things slow and fully experience one thing before moving onto another. I mean, I haven’t even begun classes yet, how can I expect to have already seen everything London has to offer? 
Well, today I went on two fabulous tours, one walking through Kensington, my local residence, and one driving through the entirety of London. While I must say, these tours did make my heart skip a beat, as I actually got a full view of all of the places I need to go to, but they also gave me a bit of reassurance and peace of mind. I saw how much there was for me to see, but putting it all in perspective, it didn’t seem that overwhelming. Not to say that traveling through London would be a chore, but it is nice to know that London is manageable and that I will be able to tackle each and every thing as long as I organize myself and stay committed to my plans while still staying on top of my schoolwork, my number one priority, and saving money, my number two. Regardless, seeing all of the beautiful and historical pieces of London just reminded me how privileged I am to be living in a foreign city (in one of the poshest areas, mind you!), and studying with an amazing program. I can only imagine what’s in store for me after these busy couple of days, but I’m so excited to get started! 

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