Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fashion Week, Tower of London and Traveling!

London Fashion Week 2012!

Courtney and I decided to be posers earlier this week and check out Somerset House, the venue for London Fashion Week. We arrived thinking we would be stopped at the door, denied entry into the exclusive event, but we got further than we expected! Not that we were able to get into any shows or displays, but we did get to walk amongst some, I guess you could say trendy, individuals. Although we didn’t really see much besides several gatherings of photographers and their subjects, it was still really cool to see at least a piece of the annual event! 
Fashionistas at LFW

The White Tower and surrounding buildings

I have been somewhat stressed out with work this week, so I decided to take a break today to sightsee on my day off. Erin and I went to the Tower of London, and my expectations of just another informational tour were reversed when we were greeted by one of the most cheerful tour guides I have ever encountered. He brought us to several locations on the Tower grounds, joking and storytelling all along. What would have otherwise been a gruesome story (the Tower was used for many executions centuries ago) was made enjoyable by this knowledgable tour guide. We took our photos and went through the Crown Jewels exhibition, which was absolutely stunning, and as we were making our way out of the grounds, we saw a small group of medievally-dressed people who we though were simply enthusiasts of the time of interest. We walked past them until they began insisting we attend their play, just down the walkway. They joined the rest of their cast to perform “Colonel Blood and the Raven,” an hour-long play about the Great Plague and subsequent fire, and the theft of the Crown Jewels. Not only was it a historical re-enactment, but it was interactive with the audience, making it one of the most entertaining performances I have ever seen. I admire the cast’s improvisational and comedic talent, and I’m so glad they intercepted us! 
Me and one of the players-too funny!

The fantastic cast of Colonel Blood and the Raven

Oktoberfest is so close yet so far away! All arrangements have been made to travel to Munich tomorrow afternoon and back to London on Sunday, and I couldn’t be more excited. I will definitely miss London and I almost feel guilty leaving for an entire weekend, but I'm off to have FUN and I'll be back to my new home in no time. I just pray everything will go smoothly with our transportation so we can relax and enjoy the festivities! Traveling always makes me a bit nervous, but I know we will all be safe and sound on this trip. Wish me luck on my travels!

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