Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cheerio, London! (Nobody says 'Cheerio' anymore...)

The street view from right outside my window!
At last-I am here in beautiful London! After much stress and worry, I somehow managed to get myself organized and ready to travel overseas to work and study. My family put up with my demands so that I could have a smooth trip, and I will be forever grateful to them for making my life that much easier. They sent me on my way, and I met up with the rest of the Elon Londoners taking the group flight, which was definitely a relief when I saw some familiar faces. Post-flight, we boarded a coach bus complete with an informative and entertaining guide that gave us some tips about London life. The absolute BEST part of my arrival was seeing the MASSIVE flat I now share with three awesome people, Courtney, Erin and Allie. We have our own bathroom (thank you God!) and we have access to a full kitchen (DOUBLE THANK YOU)-glorious! 
It’s strange, I’ve been here in London for less than 24 hours, but I feel like I’ve lived here my entire life, of course, minus the whole getting-lost-because-I’m-directionally-challenged-in-unfamiliar-areas part! It is more than I could ever ask for, and it brings a certain comfortability and relaxation to my mind. 
I always dreamed about city life, but with New York as my foundation to what cities are like, I could never see myself actually living that lifestyle. However, London brings a particular sense of class and beauty that removes it completely from my preconceived definition of metropolitan. Everyone moves quickly, yet effortlessly, which brings the perfect balance of efficiency and grace we all strive for. I have only encountered citizens of London in the various shops I have entered since my arrival, as well as several FIE staff members, and each and every individual was so warm and welcoming, as if they were truly happy to see you in their great city, and who doesn’t want someone to be happy to see them? 
The reality has yet to set in that I will be seeing these people regularly for the next four months, that I will be living in a magnificent residence in a magnificent borough, that I will be able to say I have both lived and worked in a foreign country. In this short time, London has already changed my global and local outlooks, as well as my general views on life, and I am eager, rather antsy, in fact, to continue changing. 

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